Clinical transformation


Uptodate In Medicine’s Clinical and Health Management helps healthcare organizations to transform their businesses through targeted individualised interventions and growth strategies. These strategies minimize risk, and enables to achieve:

  • Improvement
  • Medical cost reduction
  • Administrative cost reduction
  • Revenue growth

Our Clinical and Health Management solutions are designed to help healthcare businesses, including state and private hospitals, ambulatory clinics, laboratory services, e-health bsuinesses, to  become effective, public health and value-based care organizations.

At Uptodate In Medicine we develop and implement individualized client programs that are designed to:

  • Improve quality: application of proven approaches to increase patient-physician engagement and expansion in adherence to clinical protocols, resulting in improved clinical outcomes and quality ratings.
  • Reduce medical costs:  new and innovative, low cost and effective clinical and health management interventions targeted at improving quality, compliance and outcomes which can result in significant medical cost reduction .
  • Reduce administrative costs: integration of new technologies, redisign of business processes and development and application of new operating models to gain operational efficiencies that can result in significant reduction in administrative costs.
  • Grow revenue: building new clinical and health management services including e-health solutions and utilisation of informational technologies that can result in new or increased revenue.


We create a patient-focused and consistent access experience by designing a model with patient, provider and staff satisfaction in mind through the optimization of four foundational components: operational excellence, resource optimization, quality and satisfaction. Our solutions are technology enabled and include industry-leading key performance indicators and automated dashboard reporting that allow for timely, actionable insight into access performance.


Unprecedented industry transformation is forcing both standalone clinical laboratories and those in hospitals and health systems to take a hard look at their operational efficiencies and financial performance. To endure, laboratories must increase revenue while enhancing the quality of patient-centered services they deliver. This may require that they:

  • Optimize staffing, equipment, space or technologies to enhance productivity and reduce costs.
  • Reduce variation in service delivery while maintaining quality and compliance.
  • Review contracts and assess capital purchases, information technology and other significant investments.
  • Optimize patient blood management and test utilization initiatives.
  • Provide strategic direction for laboratory consolidations that consider all aspects of clinical operations.
  • Expand outreach lab capabilities and grow market share.
  • Improve their fiscal viability, from billing to connectivity to courier services, to sales and marketing strategies.
  • Consider divesting or improving their valuation for potential sale or merger.

Seeing strategy through to action requires deep industry knowledge, executional experience and original insights. It also requires us to think about where you are today, where you need to go in the future and how we can get you there.

Our team of trusted strategic advisors brings the diversity of experience and resources needed to help laboratories create flexible, financial and operational management strategies that yield sustainable results.


We partner with you to achieve your clinical transformation goals including improving quality, reducing cost and increasing capacity. Our tailored solutions are focused in three critical areas: patient progression, cross-continuum of care coordination and clinical variation. We support these through reporting and technology, governance and accountability, as well as change management.


Our team helps decrease variation in care to improve clinical results and reduce costs by embedding reproducible and sustainable processes for:

  • Physician, nursing, ancillary care team accountability
  • Operationalizing expected standards/processes of care
  • Focused patient populations
  • Tests, treatments, clinical supplies and pharmaceuticals utilization and standardization
  • Bundled payments


We coordinate care across the full continuum to ensure patients receive the right care in the right place at the right time. We achieve this through:

  • Care coordination
  • Readmission management
  • Complex disease care management model
  • Level of care
  • Hospice/palliative
  • Bundled payments


Huron Perioperative solutions help high-performing hospitals better organize and align resources and integrate technology to improve care quality, operational efficiency, and profitability. Our framework includes four key pillars: foundational infrastructure, operational foundational infrastructure, business development, and care delivery. We help optimize:

  • Room utilization
  • First case on time starts
  • Room turnover
  • Block utilization
  • Staffing mix or governance
  • Supply cost
  • Standardization and utilization
  • Perioperative pathways and preop preparation
  • Transitions to PACU and inpatient units
  • Bundled payments


We help healthcare systems find the right strategy and infrastructure to support customized population health efforts to improve clinical outcomes, the care experience and reduce the costs of care. Our framework helps you manage risk, engage patients, integrate systems of care and manage networks of care — all supported by important foundation elements that align to the organization and enable technology.


We supply the methods and analytical tools needed to identify operational improvement opportunities and capture critical data for productivity monitoring, daily staffing management and management dashboards. These methods and tools are used to shorten cycle times, reduce overall hospital system labor spend, increase patient engagement and increase productivity levels.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Productivity improvement – external/internal benchmarking
  • Work Optimization – process redesign and waste reduction
  • Daily staffing and scheduling practices and matching staffing to demand
  • Span of control and span of support
  • Vacancy review and position control
  • Overtime and agency management
  • Labor management tools including our workforce productivity software
  • Shared services