Emergency department optimisation

No two Emergency Departments (ED) are exactly alike, so there is no single solution to apply when issues arise or improvements are needed. Because EDs vary in many ways—physical layout, acuity, customer expectations, physician practice patterns, and more—our approach is tailored to uniquely meet the goals and desired outcomes of each organization.

Uptodate İn Medicine’s Consulting Services brings a team of nationally and internationally recognized ED leaders with the experience and commitment to implement real and effective change, however great the obstacles.We deliver outcomes-oriented solutions and quantifiable results by collaborating with your organization and tackling each project with a hands-on, in-the-trenches approach—strengthened by our genuine dedication to the quality of emergency care.

Working alongside you to enable change

When problems exist in the ED, faulty or obsolete processes are often the cause. Barriers to optimal performance which impede patient and process flow are common, and often manifest themselves in work-arounds, unnecessary tasks and steps, inadequate supplies and equipment, and untrained or unavailable staff. Employees and physicians want to do a good job but often do not have the right tools to do so.We believe the value we bring is through transformational change, where we work side-by-side with leadership teams, physicians, and staff to help you achieve your goals.Through process redesign and daily performance management, we work to enable measurable outcomes in patient, staff, and physician satisfaction, improved process turnaround times, greater staff utilization, higher quality and service delivery, and enhanced revenue.

Our methodology

  • Process redesign to eliminate rework and non-valued adding tasks
  • Comprehensive work analysis to determine workload requirements
  • Development of resource planning outlining labor requirements and appropriate skill mix
  • Creation of staffing patterns to meet patient volume and requirements
  • Implementation of management reports or dashboard applications to measure key performance indicators (KPIs)

Access a seasoned team of industry leadersOur consultants’ first-hand knowledge is deepened by direct access to an expansive network of nurses, physicians, policy makers, and leaders. The combined expertise of these seasoned professionals can identify best practices for virtually any emergency care challenge in all environments. When our work is complete and our strategies are implemented, departments have the ability to enhance their clinical capability and improve their operational performance.

A positive experience for patients and staff

The emergency department is often the front door of a hospital, but long wait times, negative interactions with staff or a lack of clear, timely communication can easily lead to patient dissatisfaction and high “left without being seen”  rates. Resulting low patient satisfaction scores can even put revenue at risk for failure.
At Uptodate In Medicine Consulting Services we understand that a welcoming environment and employee engagement can create consistent, positive patient experiences—vital to maintaining market share and enticing patients to seek further care at the facility. 


Putting patient satisfaction first

We help organizations establish a positive experience for patients from their first touch point at the hospital. By equipping staff with the tools and support for respectful, informative interactions with patients, hospitals can see an increase in both satisfaction scores and return visits.

Our patient experience program is designed for maximum efficacy with minimal disruption to department activities. Program elements include:

  • Department/organization assessment to evaluate improvement opportunities, risks, and current patient experience data
  • Educational courses on best-practice patient experience tactics
  • Observation and validation in the patient environment to determine staff use of the tactics
  • Onsite training with leadership and staff
  • Reporting structures and scorecards

Patient experience improvement programs are most successful when backed by strong employee engagement and buy-in, as well as a commitment to process improvements to ensure its adoption.Combined with a focus on quality care and timely services, patient experience improvement initiatives can also help healthcare organizations enjoy a competitive market advantage.