Financial & operational performance


We create a patient-focused and consistent access experience by designing a model with patient, provider and staff satisfaction in mind through optimization of four foundational components: operational excellence, resource optimization, quality and satisfaction. Our solutions are technology enabled and include industry-leading key performance indicators and automated dashboard reporting that allow for timely, actionable insight into access performance.


Uptodate in Medicine’s “Clinical Documentation Improvement” experts improve documentation and medical records to reflect the accurate severity and acuity of illness by using industry-leading subject-matter experts that knowledge transfer their skill set. We will work with you to accurately reflect the severity of the illness, improve physician and hospital profiles, increase case mix index and appreciate maximum compliant reimbursement.


Unprecedented industry transformation is forcing both standalone clinical laboratories and those in hospitals and health systems to take a hard look at their operational efficiencies and financial performance. To endure, laboratories must increase revenue while enhancing the quality of patient-centered services they deliver. This may require that they:

  • Optimize staffing, equipment, space or technologies to enhance productivity and reduce costs.
  • Reduce variation in service delivery while maintaining quality and compliance.
  • Review contracts and assess capital purchases, information technology and other significant investments.
  • Optimize patient blood management and test utilization initiatives.
  • Provide strategic direction for laboratory consolidations that consider all aspects of clinical operations.
  • Expand outreach lab capabilities and grow market share.
  • Improve their fiscal viability, from billing to connectivity to courier services, to sales and marketing strategies.
  • Consider divesting or improving their valuation for potential sale or merger.

Seeing strategy through to action requires deep industry knowledge, executional experience and original insights. It also requires us to think about where you are today, where you need to go in the future and how we can get you there.

Our team of trusted strategic advisors brings the diversity of experience and resources needed to help laboratories create flexible, financial and operational management strategies that yield sustainable results.


Our HR services are designed to improve performance, transform the HR function from a transactional to a strategic practice, restructure and streamline processes, optimize organizational efficiency and facilitate cost-effectiveness.

We help healthcare organizations maximize value in:

      • Benefits
      • Compensation
      • Absence management
      • Talent management
      • Change management