Healthcare surveys and market research

Healthcare surveys offered to you by our experienced team is aimed to support patient-physician(nurse) and patient-hospital administration communication by getting feedback—both from patients and medical and non-medical staff.

The need for surveys and importance of dynamic and continuous feedback from patient population and staff has been long recognized and utilized in all healthcare organizations in the world and it is gaining interest in Azerbaijan as well.

Uptodate In Medicine’s Survey team can help your healthcare organization (hospital, polyclinic, private clinic, other healthcare business) gather and analyze more information faster. We can also compare your organization’s performance with previous results and also with performance of other similar organizations in the market. We can offer you direct patient and staff surveys, but also e-surveys and e-feedback. Our team is specialised in distribution of surveys through email, websites, mobile devices, or even computers in waiting rooms in hospital, ED, ambulatory clinics. Our powerful platform and experienced analytical personnel will analyze the results and export user-friendly professional charts with detailed explanations for your use.


With our simple confidential surveys and feedback tools, you will be able to collect data that no patient or staff will openly discuss or speak about. Surveys give them the chance to do so privately.

Here are a few ways to use surveys to improve your practice:

Patient satisfaction

Patient survey is intended to inquire about patients’ visit to healthcare organization or their use of your services and the quality of their experience with general staff, medical doctors, non-medical personnel, and your facilities. In addition, these type of surveys help you to determine the patients’ interests, requests and even proposals for improvement.

Medical and non-medical staff

The growth of organization (business company or non-for-profit hospital) and quality of services is directly related to the level of engagement, enthusiasm, vested interest and involvement of medical and non-medical staff. Our special survey tools will help you to determine the needs and interests of your medical and supportive staff, deficiencies or shortcomings in your services and their work as well as find out the ways to improve the situation. We are ready to offer you the following surveys:

  • Employee engagement
  • Patient safety mechanisms
  • Training and capacity building needs for nurses and doctors
  • Performance evaluation and reviews
  • Human resources related surveys for staff

Gender sensitive health issues

We can offer you special surveys targeting male and female patient population. This can help you to reveal health issues of greatest concern in your area, at specific ages, and by gender. The results of our surveys can be used to identify staffing requirements, develop and introduce new services, or
promote healthy living by putting together health education and promotion programs.

Medical research

If you are planing to embark or starting the medical or public health research, we are here to help you to design the study according to internationally recognized standards, assist in selecting the right patient population, provide support in conduction of research or studies and perform statistical analysis.

Set indicators to monitor over time

Sample healthcare surveys we offer

  • Physician Performance Evaluation: Survey your patients after an office, clinic, or hospital visit to get their feedback on the care you’re providing, their interactions with your staff and other parameters of interest.
  • Hospital or Clinic Performance Evaluation: Get feedback on your patients’ hospital stay or clinic visit and all aspects of their experience, including their medical care as well as their physical and emotional comfort and feelings.
  • Healthcare Expenses: Ask your patients’ opinion on their overall expenses during the hospital stay or use of medical services in your clinic. This knowledge can help you understand potential risks – like if costs are higher than average in the market or lower, or when patients can’t afford prescribed medication or other treatments – and to consider alternatives.
  • Patient Safety Culture Surveys: Whether you work in a hospital, medical office, nursing home, or pharmacy, surveys among your staff will help to determine if your healthcare organization is meeting patient safety standards. Adapted from the original surveys developed by the experts in the USA, our patient safety culture survey are designed to help you target areas for improvement, set goals, and indicators and measure your success or failure to meet them.