Medical Translation

Medical Translation Services is our business. That’s why leading medical education, training and healthcare organizations work with us. They know that Uptodate In Medicine LLC is one of the most reliable medical translation companies in Azerbaijan. When you order from Uptodate In Medicine, your medical translations are delivered on time, within budget and in full compliance with applicable regulatory requirements. All translations are certified and delivered with a translation certificate (Statement of Accuracy).

We translate medical documents in 5 languages. This includes all the major Azerbaijani, English, Russian, Turkish, Deutsch, Hebrew and Georgian languages. We specialize in multiple language projects, sometimes translating a publication into 3, 4 or even 5 languages.

Need an online price quote for translation of medical or clinical documents? Send us email at to get a price quote and get started today on your medical translation project.

Expertise in Medical Translation

Customers in the Healthcare industries can rely on our team of subject-matter experts for even the most complex medical translations. Our human resources include linguists with training in most branches of medicine, biochemistry, biotechnology, chemistry, pharmacology and toxicology. If you are looking for a reliable medical translation agency, contact us today by email or phone.

We can provide quality medical translation of:

  • Clinical protocols and guidelines
  • Informed Consent Forms
  • Clinical Study Agreements and contracts
  • Patient Information booklets or leaflets
  • Various medical forms
  • Case Reports, Radiology reports
  • Physician notes, Discharge summaries
  • Study drug labels and drug inserts
  • Instructions for Use for medical devices
  • User Manuals for medical devices
  • User Guides for medical software
  • Medical applications for computers or tablets
  • Medical textbooks
  • Patient reports
  • Test results
  • Translation of website content for medical or healthcare organizations
  • Medical journals and newsletters
  • Scientific articles
  • Training materials, handouts or presentations

Certified Medical Translator

Our quality management system has been created to ensure the best quality standards. We can provide translation certificates with each translation. We can also provide back translation and validation of various documents.

Clinical Validation of Medical Documents

If required by regulatory authorities, we can have your translated medical documents validated by our on-site Medical Doctors who are licensed in the Azerbaijan, Russian Federation, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Israel and Unites States. Some of our medical translators have advanced training in medicine, and most are indeed Medical Doctors themselves.

Interpreter services

We can also provide on-site live translations for your meetings, trainings, conferences and other gatherings. You can request a quote for consequent and simultaneous translations by contacting us via email  or call us at 994-50-349-29-48. Alternatively, you can also visit our office to talk to sales representative in person.
Manuscript translations
We provide assistance to researchers who are not comfortable writing in English or would like to submit his/her manuscript to English language journal. Each manuscript is assigned to specialists to ensure accurately translated field-specific terms. When your paper is returned to you, it will be indistinguishable from papers written by researchers who are native English speakers.
Basic Editing is also included to ensure the language in your manuscript is ready for submission. We are ready to help preparing a high-quality, publication ready manuscript.


Price Quotes for Medical Translation Services

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