Our clients seek us out for a variety of reasons.  Some of those reasons may have to do with planning strategic objectives, assessing operational concerns, putting in place quality clinical services, operationalizing monitoring and evaluation procedures, developing standards of procedures for myriad of clinical and non-clinical services or assisting in the organization’s financial management.  But whatever the reason, our consultants bring a collection of proven experience, technical ability, enthusiasm and energy to every project.

Our healthcare consulting services are provided by a team with hands-on, real-world experience in the following areas of and beyond

  • Private and medical group practices
  • Acute care hospitals
  • Skilled nursing facilities
  • Software, EHR, IT & eHealth companies
  • Outpatient rehabilitation clinics
  • Assisted living
  • Alzheimer and dementia facilities
  • Laboratory services
  • Pharmacies
  • Home health agencies

Here are just a few of our healthcare consulting services and expertise 

  • General administrative & operations
  • Medical documentation & coding
  • Electronic Health Records
  • Patient rights
  • eHealth Technology
  • Marketing training and tools to increase the number of patients seen in the practice
  • “Mystery shopper” for healthcare organizations
  • Healthcare Social Media
  • Independent review, monitoring and evaluation
  • Medical practice analysis
  • New healthcare business & service center start-ups
  • Healthcare market & feasibility studies
  • Service-based support resulting in higher patient and employee satisfaction.
  • Medical services business plans
  • Healthcare construction projects
  • Medical website & online public relations
  • Executive management
  • Food safety and epidemiological monitoring
  • Medical training courses for health and non-health professionals

Trending and in high-demand services:

For details of some of in high-demand services, please use the relevant links below:

  • First medical aid training for non-medical staff, including bystanders and employers
  • Food safety, including handling, storage and distribution standards and practices
  • Development of standards of procedures for various industries related to health regulations
  • Training for medical professionals on clinical medicine
  • Training for healthcare administrators and managers on health management, public and patient relations, quality assurance