Patient Rights and Website Policies

We are dedicated to ensuring that you are treated with dignity and as an equal partner in care. We will care for you with skill, compassion and respect.

Consent to Medical Care

Thank you for seeking care from Baku Medical Concierge Clinic. When you establish your care with us, we would request you to sign tht Consent to Medical Care Agreement that authorizes us to provide you medical care and receive payment for the service provided.

Accessibility Online Policy

Baku Medical Concierge is committed to providing a hospitable environment for all, both in our facilities as well as online. We seek to provide visitors and patients with the resources and flexibility to access the digital materials they require.

If you have problems accessing available content or using any features on our website, please contact us. In reporting your concern, consider using the  following test in the subject line “Website related concern” as reference to help us address your concern as effectively as possible.

Your rights and responsibilities.

Baku Medical Concierge Clinic is an integrated health system where the patient comes first. Our staff is dedicated to ensuring that each patient is treated with dignity and as an equal partner in care. We will care for you with skill, compassion and respect. You can help us make your healthcare experience safe by being an active, involved and informed partner with your healthcare team.

Baku Medical Concierge is unique team of caregivers who welcome, respect and serve all people without regard to age, race, color, national origin, religion, culture, language, physical or mental disability, socioeconomic status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. We are committed to inclusive care, and will provide free aids and services to patients and their companions with disabilities, as well as free and confidential language
services to patients and companions whose preferred language for healthcare communications is not Azerbaijani or English, to ensure effective communication regarding patient care.

As our patient, you have the right to:

  • Receive appropriate medical care without discrimination
  • Contact and speak with the physicians ordering your care
  • Communicate and receive a timely response to your complaints by contacting the Patient Relations department without fear of reprisal
  • Access your very special concierge doctor 24/7

Respect and dignity

  • Be treated as an individual, with unique needs and desires
  • Receive courteous and respectful care free of all forms
    of abuse and harassment
  • Be assured of the confidentiality of your medical information
  • Have your personal privacy respected
  • Make informed choices about your care and treatment including the decision to refuse treatment
  • Have your symptoms treated in the event of a life-limiting illness. We will work with you to prevent or manage pain and discomfort, and you and your family will receive support for your concerns related to dying and grief.

Coordination of care

  • Know who is in charge of your care
  • Know the identity of your physicians, nurses and other caregivers

Physical comfort

  • Be cared for in an environment that is healing, clean and safe
  • Receive a timely response to your pain with the goal of maximizing your comfort

Emotional support 

  • Express concerns, be listened to and receive an appropriate response without fear of reprisal
  • Have your spiritual and religious needs respected