Mission (not)impossible

An unparalleled concierge medicine experience that individualises private healthcare to your lifestyle and needs.


We promise: the highest-quality private healthcare available in Azerbaijan.

Our team of highly qualified medical professionals will ensure that you get best available medical care and advice.


We promise: confidential treatment in a discreet concierge medicine in Azerbaijan.

You won’t find a busy waiting room or an impersonal setting in our private Baku Medical Concierge clinic. If you prefer, most visits can be house calls accomplished in the privacy of your home or office. Instead of referring you elsewhere, our concierge doctors can provide your with the best available care here in our private healthcare office in Baku city.

You will benefit from an ongoing relationship with a trusted holistic doctor who is committed to understanding and improving your life, your lifestyle and your well-being. Needless to say, as a member, your confidentiality and discretion are fully assured.

Hassle Free Experience

We promise: customized concierge healthcare to fit your needs and needs of your family.

With around-the-clock access to our Baku Clinic and a house call doctor readily available, you’ll never wait to have your private healthcare concerns addressed. Our staff can help you with anything – from expediting a referral to arranging timely delivery of a prescription to your door. We will always go the extra step to make your experience smooth and free of frustrations.

Our excellent team of doctors and nurses is committed to providing you uncomparable access to the highest-quality concierge medicine available in Azerbaijan.