Social Media Marketing

Social media is expanding every day and constantly evolving. And the businesses need to know which platforms to use to increase customer acquisition and customer retention. Knowing the hottest new social platforms and their capabilities to help your business can help you to get more customers.

At Uptodate In Medicine’s Healthcare Consulting Services we are keen to help you to design or redesign, establish or improve and expand your social media activities from good to phenomenal. Based on our day-to-day experience, we bring the strategy, operational know-how and hassle-free support you need.

We can help you to develop custom-made social media marketing plan and even implement it for you.

These are just few things from our armamentarium that we can offer you:

  • Strategy development and content marketing
  • Pinterest growth and pinning
  • Instagram services
  • Google+ updates and maintenance
  • Social media account set up
  • Social media advertising (buying ads on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and Pinterest)
  • SEO – search engine optimization

Our experts in marketing research and advancement are experienced in developing a strategy that will consist of blogging, keyword research, landing pages, email campaigns and social media.

In the west, the healthcare organizations successfully utilize the social media marketing to engage with customers, medical professionals and various healthcare organizations. Well developed social media sites and posts can promote a professional image and strengthen relationships with patients, customers and partners in the field.

We will work with you to develop such a social media marketing program that will become an integrated part of your traditional marketing strategy. The branding, messaging and calls-to-action will complement and support your marketing program.

SEO – search engine optimization.

Most customers do not go beyond the first page of search results on Google or other search engine. Our SEO service will help to improve your web site or online services ranking on global and local search engines. Search engine optimization is indeed one of the most difficult things and demanding activities for many businesses to understand and work on.

Make sure to take advantage of these opportunities using customized and proven SEO strategy.

If you’re not sure where to start or need assistance improving your current SEO strategy, then we are here to help.

Patient testimonials.

One of the important and most influential use of social media for marketing for healthcare organization is to promote the patient testimonial. The use of reviews and ratings, YouTube videos, photos posts – as well as patient quotes on your website, Facebook and LinkedIn pages can have a significant impact on your.

Studies show that patients and customers are much more likely to believe patients’ and other customers’ testimonials than statements published on a website, received in email or your company’s booklets or leaflets. Real patient or customer photos and videos, particular of recognizable public figures, can significantly reinforce the positive image and overall effect.

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