Strategic direction setting

With combined expertise of our consultants and local and international experts, we work with your clinical and administrative teams for full transformation with sustainable results both clinically and financially. Our patient-oriented and consumer-centric approach builds an organizational culture prepared for future challenges and drives improvements in the following areas: physician leadership and engagement, access to care, overall practice performance and analytics, revenue, volume and growth.


With Uptodate In Medicine LLC, clients turn acquired assets into building blocks for the future. We accomplish this through more efficient organizational structure and oversight processes based on key business objectives and a client’s unique culture.


We help healthcare systems find the right strategy and infrastructure to support customized population health efforts to improve clinical outcomes, the care experience and reduce the costs of care. Our framework helps you manage risk, engage patients, integrate systems of care, and manage networks of care; all supported by important foundation elements while aligning the organization and enabling technology.


We assist clients in integrating assets across clinical, operational, and administrative functions to drive improvements in care quality and financial performance when mergers, acquisitions and new partnerships are at play.


Develop actionable strategic plans to drive transformation. Our work is data-driven, analytics enabled and experienced-based to provide informed solutions that help clients pursue emerging opportunities and ensure they have the capabilities and skills needed to realize their future objectives.