Telemedicine & Telehealth

Why You would Love Telemedicine Options

We know that you will appreciate the availability of telemedicine at Baku Medical Concierge Clinic, since this can conveniently keep your appointments with minimal inconvenience and without the commute.

By getting needed on demand, you are free to schedule the appointments at your convenience and on your schedule 24/7 with your dedicated special concierge doctor.

And if you live in remote area or on holidays outside of Baku or even Azerbaijan, the telemedicine will help you to get medical advice and consult our doctors immediately.

Why we are offering Telemedicine

We know well that time is money. We also know that comfort of our patients is of importance.

Today, patients want to be seen quickly, which is one reason that the trend toward telemedicine is growing so rapidly. By offering your concierge services via our telemedicine software, we are one step ahead to provide you with immediate professional medical advice and care anytime of the year and independent of your location.