Translation prices

Translation rate per word

Our per word translation rates vary depending on a number of factors, we offer two types of translation rates – per word translation rates and can also cost out per hour translation rates. Projects under 10,000 words are generally offered at a per word rate. For projects over 10,000 words we offer both rates depending on the content type and timeframe and then offer you the best rate for your particular project, so that the savings costs are passed on to you.

What are the translation rates per word?

Per word translation rates. These rates are only indicative of the cost . The currency for translation pricing is in AZN per word, however we can quote you in any currency.

Prices can vary greatly and are often much lower than the prices indicated for referrence as each quote is tailor-made to your specific needs.

Translation per page

To get the translation rates per page the best thing to do is to multiply the number of pages by 300 or 400 to get the number of words on the page. So if you have a 10 page document then for Spanish standard content you would be looking at between 300 x 10 pages = 3,000 words  = 3,000 x 0.04 (ranging from 0.04 to 0.08) = 120 AZN.


Price Quotes for Medical Translation Services

Click here to send us email at or call us at 994-50-349-29-48 to get a price quote. You can also visit our office at normal office hours.

You can also upload your documents to this web page to get a price quote within several minutes. If you have any questions, feel free to chat with our sales representative on phone, skype or what’s up.

If you require us to sign a confidentiality agreement before sending any material, we will sign an non-disclosure agreement in advance of any submissions.