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Our online shop enables you to purchase a translation from a range of standard documents, to place an order for a document review, or to request the test translation of a document. You can submit a document for translation using the form below or by sending it in an attachment to our email.

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After receipt of your document(s), our sales representative will contact you by means of your choice and provide you with a price quotation.

Standard Documents

We provide translations of various medical documents. For the complete list, please visit this page.

Why translate your documents with us? 

  • Experience– Uptodate In Medicine LLC’s Medical Translation Service provides translation of hundreds-thousands pages of medical documents annually.
  • Expertise–  Uptodate In Medicine LLC’s Medical Translation Service employ a team of experienced medical professionals and industry experts to translate your documents of any complexity.
  • Cost effective – our translation solutions are tiered with prices to meet your needs and resources.
  • Timely– many solutions are delivered immediately via our online portal or email service.

The range of products and services available from our online translation shop below and is continually developing. If you cannot find the particular document or service you require on our translation shop please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail by using the details on our contact us page.